Because technology has its own language.

Good product and corporate communication includes high-quality translation: formulated just the right way and according to local market circumstances. We translate your documents, brochures, and web pages into any target language. Of course, the translations are done by native speakers around the world.

Specialized translations

Specialized translations are an essential part of what we offer as a full-service provider. We translate your technical documentation. And of course we can also handle your web page content, business reports, contracts, press releases, and other kinds of texts. In more than 60 languages. Because we're Dokuwerk, not just another service provider.

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Translation management

Translation is a process where systems and people interact. Content management system, translation memory, term database, and project management tools on the one hand. And on the other hand, as our customers, our project management team, translators, editors, and other stakeholders. We manage this process skillfully. Every day. With the promise to deliver the best translations. Because we're Dokuwerk, not just another service provider.

Content management and translation go hand in hand at Dokuwerk

The best results begin at square 1. We not only write text that is suitable for translations; if you want, we will retrieve texts to be translated actively from your CMS, check them, translate them, re-import the data, and do the final layout in the CMS. Just hand it over is the principle when you leave the whole translation process to us.

Terminology work and terminology management

It happens often enough: people talk about the same things, but don't always mean the same things. Mandatory terminology forms the basis for consistent texts in both source and target languages. You can achieve this through continuous terminology work; that is, the ongoing identification and definition of term candidates, as well as permitted and forbidden synonyms. We can help you with this work, in both the source and target languages. We set up a terminology database in which terms and definitions are stored. This database is then available to the content management and translation teams and makes their work much easier. Once established, terminology management facilitates the uniform and verified use of specialized terms and helps avoid the use of out-of-date product names, for example. We think this is optimal.

We are your language service

Are you already working with established translators or a service provider? And is what you’re missing the link between content management, marketing, and translation? Are you using a CAT tool and you would like to take advantage of our expertise? That's what our language service can do for you. We serve as your partner, responding to translation inquiries from your company and organizing the translation using a translation memory system.