Should you purchase software?  Or take advantage of SaaS, software “as-a-service”? Secure hosting. Ongoing updates and support. Our IT services round out what we offer our customers and offer an attractive middle ground between purchasing and SaaS. From first-level support as part of maintenance, handling updates, on through to operating your software in our own cloud. Our customers appreciate what we can do for them.

First-Level support

If you purchase your SCHEMA ST4 licenses from us, you will also benefit from our maintenance and first-level support. In return, we will sign an appropriate contract with Quanos and thus, if necessary, have access to Quanos support.

Updates to and maintenance of your content management system

Regardless of whether you have a maintenance agreement with us or Quanos: Ask us to perform all required updates. So that your operations will run smoothly, and your IT people have less work to do.

Hosting your content management system

Because we are a Quanos Gold Partner, you can order licenses and first-level support from us. If you would like, we will also host your ST4 installation. This offers you some advantages: With a week’s notice, we can set up a turnkey ST4 installation. As part of maintenance, we perform updates and bug fixes on your system. We install all the applications required for operation, including editor licenses and open-source graphics programs. Your access to the cloud is protected with a password and an encrypted RDP connection. Daily backup is a matter of course.

Ask us for details and about the costs.

Purchase and rental of Quanos licenses

How can you use the various Quanos products? The Quanos licensing model provides many possibilities. You can purchase the various client and automation licenses. Or rent them for a limited period of time. Together we’ll find the right solution.