Technical Documentation


Technical Documentation

We understand our customers because we understand their technology.

We make sure your products and information are

  • Understood
  • Created efficiently
  • Managed and published. 

with first-rate technical documentation based on state-of-the-art technology, and using standardised processes as well as modern content management tools and systems.


Technical content management

Technical documentation involves a host of requirements that need to be considered in the design, including with a view to the long term.

  • What standards and legal requirements are relevant?
  • Are there different versions of the product; how should these be included?
  • Does the documentation need to be translated into other languages?
  • Will the documentation only be available in print form or also online and on mobile devices?
  • And, not least: Who are the target groups for the documentation? In what situations do users need what information to use the product to its full extent?

We create your documentation to be standard-compliant and comprehensible. We follow an efficient procedure based on certified processes, and our technical editors have well-founded professional expertise. After all, time is money. We save you time.


We offer consulting services for all aspects of technical documentation. Go here to read more about: Document analysis, functional design, style guides as well as standards and guidelines.

Content management with SCHEMA ST4

We support you through the creation of your technical documentation with SCHEMA ST4. How do we make a difference? We provide expertise and full service:


Dokuwerk has been working with Quanos Group content management systems since our founding in 2003. We have been a Quanos Partner since 2012 and have guided many companies through their introduction of SCHEMA ST4. As a certified service provider and consultant, Dokuwerk is always on the cutting edge. We are also flexible – Dokuwerk editors work both in our own SCHEMA ST4 installations as well as in the installations of our customers.

Our customers have a wide range of requirements for SCHEMA ST4. Our experiences in using SCHEMA ST4 reflect this spectrum of needs. Including when it comes to using the Quanos InfoCube, creating graphics or translating content from SCHEMA ST4. Take advantage of this expertise!




We offer consulting services for all aspects of technical documentation. Go here to read more about: Document analysis, functional design, style guides as well as standards and guidelines.


Would you like to outsource some or all of your document creation? We have extensive experience with these tasks. We offer you quality and reduce your workload, creating your documents in the shortest possible time:

  • We check your starting situation, discuss your goals and expectations and develop a model of collaboration that is tailored to you.
  • The basis for this is a framework agreement similar to an SLA (Service Level Agreement), which sets out the rights and obligations of both parties. Typically, this agreement contains rules on order execution, guarantees, the transfer of rights, and much more besides.
  • We reduce your technical content management workload quickly and professionally. And we help you professionalise your editorial process and reduce costs.
  • Certified content management processes (ISO 9001 and DocCert) ensure the quality of our services.


For more information, simply contact us > 


Our editing saves you time, effort and perhaps even the annoyance of unfortunate errors or inconsistencies that can result in an excessive text maintenance and translation effort. Experienced editors with excellent writing skills check and correct your texts, data sheets, and catalogue pages to the agreed quality. For example, they look at

  • Spelling and punctuation
  • The consistency of wording and terminology
  • The use of structural and design elements


An existing style guide can be used as a basis. Alternatively, we will agree a checklist with you based on industry standards such as the tekom guidelines or Dokuwerk’s own style guide. You can receive the results in paper form, as a PDF, or in the edited source file.


Benefit from our experience in ensuring quality content. After all, four eyes see more.

Graphics + illustration

Graphics and illustration – a key aspect of documents and catalogues. Where figures are used, they emphasise or supplement the written explanations, while in language-neutral guides they replace much or even all of the text. Connections must be made clear, and hidden processes made visible.


  • We produce all types of technical illustration based on data models, free-hand sketches or photos, and produce graphics in accordance with standards.
  • We apply 3D data from the standard CAD programs on the market for further processing or preparation.
  • We create photos, edit image material and prepare it for various production formats such as print and web.



We provide support with creating and standardising graphics. We develop an “image standard” in the form of a graphic design guideline or as part of the style guide. For visibly increased understanding.

Systems + programs

SCHEMA ST4 Content Management System

Where appropriate, we use SCHEMA ST4 as an XML content management system for our customers, for example to:

  • Benefit from the reuse of identical content (in the source language and the foreign languages).
  • Be able to publish in different media (single source and cross-media), e.g. also for web and mobile applications.
  • Streamline translation processes and achieve harmonisation of the content creation and translation processes.

Dokuwerk is a certified Quanos Gold Partner and certified consultant. We have also been certified by Quanos as a content management and translation services provider. We would be happy to advise you and support you with introducing and configuring SCHEMA. You can find out more under SCHEMA Full Service.


As well as ST4, we use the following systems in our projects:

  • Content Management System TCToolbox from Ovidius
  • Content Management System Noxum Publishing Studio
  • Content Management System TIM-RS with PIM components TIM-PDO from Fischer Computertechnik
  • Content Management System Author-it by Author-it Software Corporation


Using Adobe InDesign and Adobe FrameMaker efficiently

Adobe InDesign or FrameMaker are currently the most widespread DTP tools in technical content management. We provide the following services:

  • Template development, i.e. defining page, paragraph and table formats. Linking formats with markups in accordance with style guides (functional layout)
  • Adjustment for CMS, e.g. for XML imports
  • Development of scripts or an application for automating rules-based activities
  • User training for the programs


Configuring Microsoft Word professionally

Microsoft Word is still the tool of choice in many technical content management teams. Word provides the following features, among others:

  • Definition of page, paragraph and character formats in a Word DOT
  • Linking of formats with markups in accordance with style guides (functional layout)
  • Development of macros to automate rules-based activities
  • User training for the developed DOT

Dokuwerk helps you make full use of these possibilities.


Do you require support in the area of content management systems and programs? We will be happy to advise you. Simply give us a call!