There's more to ST4

Many people work with SCHEMA ST4. This content management system enables modularization of content and offers many functions, from creation and management of content to publication in print and online formats, on through to workflows that can be automated. Our ST4 experts know what customers want beyond standard content management and they have developed features that address these desires – our SCHEMA ST4 Bonbons.

Good to know: Our ST4 bonbons work WITHOUT workflows. No ST4 automation modules are required.

Dokuwerk ST4
License & User View

Did you know that you can check with one click which user is currently using which ST4 license?

With ST4 License & User View, you can see the type of license, the user's name, and how long the license is being used. The results are displayed on an HTML page where you can also see the number and type of licenses available. The display is refreshed frequently. With a click, you can send an e-mail asking a user to release a license. Our ST4 experts will set this up for you. Because we're Dokuwerk, not just another service provider.

Dokuwerk ST4
Browser Termexport

The fact is that you can publish your ST4 lexica company wide.

With the ST4 Browser Termexport, existing lexica can be output as HTML in SCHEMA ST4. The ST4 Browser Termexport is flexible, accessible, and it can be used without any additional software or license fees. It makes existing terminology available to every employee at the company very easily. And to external parties, e.g., translators and editors. In addition to preferential terms, alternative terms, and forbidden terms, a definition, pictures, and metadata can be displayed for each term entry. A mail function makes it possible to submit term suggestions or additions easily.

Dokuwerk ST4
Delta Review PDF-Layout

Are you wondering how to make your review process much easier?

With ST4 Delta Review PDF Layout – both in the original language and in translation. From SCHEMA ST4, you can publish a comparison document as PDF in which there are markings to show what has changed since the last review. In Review PDF Layout, you can see which chapters or nodes have changed after a particular time, regardless of the version or release state. If sections were removed, you can see this in the table of contents.

Dokuwerk ST4
Power Search

Do you want to find objects and content that you couldn’t find before even with the extended search?

ST4 Power Search searches directly in XML and doesn’t require any indexing. This means that you can search for inline elements, individual ASCII characters, text in call-out graphics, the use of individual variable values, or individual attributes of data nodes. And if you find duplicates: Store the search results as CSV file so that they are also available in clear form for non-ST4 users.

Dokuwerk ST4
Volume Change

How can you make adjustments to many blue books or taxonomies easily and quickly?

ST4 Volume Change does this for you – for example if you want an additional language. The data is exported into an Excel file, modified there, and then imported again. And it's possible to create new blue books this way too. ST4 Volume Change is offered in two versions: As one-time change made by Dokuwerk or for your permanent use – including implementation, training, and documentation. Because we're Dokuwerk, not just another service provider.

Dokuwerk ST4
Safety Check

How complete and consistent are your warnings in SCHEMA ST4?

ST4 Safety Check checks all nodes of an ST4 project to see whether the warnings required by the risk analysis are actually used in a project.

Then a report is generated in which you can see which nodes contain which warnings. It is also possible to check all warnings in the information pool independent or projects. The report can be exported as CSV file and, for example, used for coordination with quality management or to check warnings for consistency and duplicates.